Gameplay from The Last of Us from E32012 Looking pretty amazing, was on the fence about it but this is looking very different than what I first thought the game would be. 


Ellie I’m playing this game for you. So badass.

Via HE110NE0

グラスハープでマリオをクリアしてみた [Glass harp - Mario] (by cruximissa)

This is amazing. Not sure how it works, but amazing nonetheless.

Unlocked Inferno!

Say goodbye to my sanity!

Critter Kill Squad

I wish there were an achievement for squishing bugs in Diablo 3. They make an awesome squish noise. I’d go out of my way just to step on them.

Hell mode.

As my desk faces away from the door, I developed senses which tell me when someone walks into my room quietly while I have my headphones on playing Diablo 3: I notice the change in air circulation and temperature.

My mansion in my current mc server! A little bit of ingame luxury..

My Breakfast. So easy and soo yummy :]

I’m that “prepube” voice on Counter Strike.

Not sure if anyone’s ever noticed it but….


Bad humor, creeper

I love this. <3

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